Does Robert really believe that the correlation cited between the 
growth of interstate highways and divorce rates mean that interstate 
highways cause divorce?


I'd think that perhaps divorce leads to the growth of interstate 
highways, as divorcing couples try to flee as far away from each 
other as quickly  as possible.



At 03:23 PM 8/24/2008, you wrote:
>That Rob Mann is a misogynist is not news to those who have been 
>reading his stuff off and on.  This serious flaw in his character 
>and politics does not deny that he has also contributed 
>well-informed critiques of GM and other stuff.  Racism, misogyny and 
>homophobia are contradictory to the stand and tradition of Science 
>for the People.  Since we (or rather Mike G) do not have the 
>resources to examine his every contribution in order to filter out 
>his destructive and insulting trash,  it would be appropriate to 
>invite him to remain on the list only if he suppresses his 
>in-your-face misogyny.
>Robert should examine how he himself does exactly the opposite of 
>that for which he commends Kendall.  He has used unscientifically 
>gathered correlations to determine cause.  That the growth of 
>interstate highways and divorce examined as time series beginning in 
>the 50s through the 70s show strong correlation is hardly the basis 
>to conclude that highways cause divorce.  That there is a marked 
>correlation between the misogynist trash appearing on this list 
>serve and communications from New Zealand is hardly the basis for 
>concluding that New Zealand scientists tend to be 
>misogynists.  Calling attention to the necessity that critics of GM 
>including SftP maintain high credibility by well founded and 
>documented science is a positive contribution.  Maintaining our 
>credibility as a progressive, critical voice based on sound science 
>is indeed essential  For that reason we must deal firmly with 
>insulting, unscientific misogyny.
>I recommend that one racist, misogynist or homophobic post earns a 
>warning to the poster.  Repeated racist, misogynist or homophobic 
>posts is an adequate basis to remove the poster from the list.