Not to belabor this, but: Those who want radical change have no choice but to involve themselves in fights for reforms and technical fixes, alongside people (the overwhelming majority) who are at the moment interested in nothing more than reform and technical fixes. Otherwise the leftist is isolated and has no influence, because not too many people are reading the publications of vanguard parties these days. The issue is not whether or not I am reading Rosa Luxemburg (a great hero, to be sure) but whether any significant number of others are reading her. They are not, and they won't if the issues they take seriously are not respected and engaged in.


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I suggest you read (or reread) Rosa Luxemburg as well as Minqi Li. There is a huge difference between fighting for reforms as part of the process of building movements for more radical change, and the ideology of reformism and technical fixes.


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My concern is that many activists who understand capitalism the best isolate themselves from the very people they might want to influence precisely by rejecting the struggle for reform under capitalism

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