I suggested looking at Null's Web site because it tells you all you need to know about the way he is profiting from the gullibility of those who are justifiably suspicious of the medical and drug establishments, along with thousands of other lesser quacks like him (one of whom even used to be a member of this list.) Null et al. prey on that gullibility, and of course they are found lurking around the edges of the progressive movement looking for customers and credibility from outlets like Pacifica and now Mitchel's program.


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I'd like to know, actually, WHY you depend on Quackwatch for ANY arguments. Barrett, the head of quackwatch, has lost repeatedly in court in recent years, and his claims are specious up and down the line -- not only about Null, but about others as well.

If you're going to argue against something Null says, at least get it right and do your own homework. Warning: Don't rely on Quackwatch, 'cause Barrett is shown to be the biggest quack in the pond.


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There is also an informative article about Null on the Quackwatch site: http://quackwatch.org/04ConsumerEducation/null.html


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