Louis R. Godena wrote:
  > One need look no further than Louis Proyect's own in-house Marxism 
list to view
> a wide range of idiotic or ill-advised musings (I posted a few there myself,
> back in the day), but I continue to maintain that there is much in Spiked that
> deserves attention.  A great deal of Marx's crtique of Proudhon (*The Poverty
> of Philosophy*),for example, is echoed in James Heartfield's writings on Green
> Capitalism. 

I will give you this. James Heartfield is making a sincere effort at 
being consistent with the old RCP for what that's worth. But 98 percent 
of the Spiked grouping has converted to free market libertarianism.

> And I think that any worker on nodding terms with Marx could find
> much in Spiked's "open borders" manifesto to agree with, among other things.  

So could Jack Kemp.

As far as workers on nodding terms with Marx, there is little chance 
they would ever stumble across Spiked online which vies for the same 
readership as the WSJ and Reason Magazine.