Great stuff, gave me a chuckle!

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> > But hasn't that charge been levelled at many of those who later were 
> acknowledged
> > as having made substantial contributions to the marxian project?
> > 
> > Louis Godena  
> I would be quite surprised if a group led by sociologist Frank Furedi 
> would ever amount to anything in the revolutionary socialist neck of the 
> woods based on his musings in the University of Kent sociology 
> department newsletter:
> Tuesday: I am in a quiet state of agitation. The headlines are dominated 
> by the outbreak of violence in the Middle East and no matter how hard I 
> try, I cannot remember the name of the right-wing Israeli politician, 
> whose visit to the Muslim shrine (whose name I can also not recall), 
> sparked the whole thing off.
> Wednesday: More violence in Israel. But things are looking up -- the
> debate on sex education is in the news. That's more my kind of issue. 
> Now if only there was another nice controversy about something with a
> sociological edge.
> Thursday: I am feeling depressed. The violence in the Middle East
> dominates the news. The media have dropped the sex education debate.
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