Well, I, for one, do not think this move wise or necessary.  There is a
substantial body of opinion on the Left that does not view the production of GM
food with quite the jaundiced eye that is so in evidence here.  And Mr Mann is
well within his rights to protest at the more egregious idiocies of 'political
correctness' that have plagued progressive thought for the better part of forty
years.  And, anyway, the best antidote to wrongheadedness among fellow leftists
is debate, not expulsion.  Unless of course one happens to be a class enemy or
an agent of forces seeking to restore the power of the exploiting class:-)

Louis Godena

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> I have placed RM on the status that his posts must be reviewed by me  
> before publication. I have never done this before, and did it now  
> reluctantly. We will have to see how it works out in practice.
> Best,
> Michael