Quoting Louis Proyect <[log in to unmask]>:

> Louis Godena keeps crossposting from Spiked. I wonder if he has a 
> political analysis of these renegades from Marxism. Or maybe Louis has 
> washed his hands of Marxism himself? In any case, Spiked online is 
> pro-capitalist even though they are rather demure about using the word 
> capitalism itself. Mostly, it is euphemisms about "economic development" 
> or "human progress", all in all reminding me a lot of the sort of thing 
> that Ronald Reagan used to say when he was the host of GE Theater in the 
> 1950s.

Spiked,like most journals on the European Left, stands in several places at
once.  Mostly, though, they echo the pro-growth and pro-productivity of early
Marxism.  I do not have the same love/hate relationship with them that Louis
Proyect enjoys with, say, the Nation (whose idea of Marxism is the liberal one
of designing a better soup kitchen or haplessly tailing behind every
nationalism that comes whistling down the pike).  "Renegades?"  Perhaps.  But
hasn't that charge been levelled at many of those who later were acknowledged
as having made substantial contributions to the marxian project?

Louis Godena