Phil's post suggests but does not state that Rosenberg does not actually do direct work on bio-weapons but rather analyzes their implications as an outsider. That is certainly a very useful role. Is it correct, does anyone know? 



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Thanks for this, Phil. In fact, many academics working on bioterrorism and general terrorism issues have a different perspective from that of the Bush administration.


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Purchase College is part of the SUNY system. Rosenberg is a research
professor in the Environmental Studies program (she's also described
as a molecular biologist on some websites). Her research interests
"focus on implications of the use of biological and nuclear weapons;
bioterrorism", but she doesn't seem to have a website of her own. She
is attacked on the far-right website as a "tenured
Marxist activist" because she argued early on that the anthrax attacks
were an inside job, not the work of Islamic terrorists. --Phil

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