Previous to the recent publicity over autism, NY Times (whose directors
often have interests in the pharma industry) would infrequently quote an
anti-vaccinationists.  However, we now have this:

"Most parents I know will take measles over autism," said J. B. Handley,
co-founder of Generation Rescue, a parent-led organization that contends
that autism is a treatable condition caused by vaccines.

It is an attitude that pediatricians say they are increasingly having to

"All pediatricians are spending more time speaking with parents about the
rationale for vaccines," said Dr. Andrew D. Racine, director of the division
of general pediatrics at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx.

And the following quote, where NY Times doesn't mention the poisons that
replace mercury, nor does NY Times mention the sheer number of vaccines now
being advocated.

Responding to parents' concerns, manufacturers in 2001 almost entirely
removed a preservative containing mercury from all routinely administered
childhood vaccines. The incidence of autism has shown no drop.

Jim West