Dear Robert Mann, 

You claim you are not misogynist, but your heavy and repeated attacks on feminists seem to most of us on this list to fall into that category. Women have been oppressed, most of us believe, for thousands of years. Women's Liberation  is a movement against that oppression. (You happen to live in New Zealand, a country that has perhaps gone further than  any other in overcoming that oppression, at least in the political sphere. I think most New Zealanders are proud of that, and rightly so. But evidently, like the followers of Rush Limbaugh, you are piqued by it. ) 

Like other arguments I have asked people on this list to refrain from, yours against feminism is not going to persuade anyone, but merely lowers credibility for anything else you do write. It also leads to strong and repeated arguments to ban your writings. So, henceforth please refrain from such comments on this list.  I have asked the same of others on a variety of issues that probably are less offensive.  And please state publicly that you will so refrain. 

I have become convinced that your failure to agree to this will force me to place all your remarks in moderation, which is tedious for me, and will be unpleasant for you, since your posts that are accepted will be delayed, sometimes, no doubt, for days. Please spare us both this annoyance. 

On the other hand, if you do agree to refrain, I will stop personally filtering your posts, and so will read what you do write. Maybe others wold do the same. 


Michael H. Goldhaber
SftP list moderator