Here is a fine video featuring a guy in a white coat:


There are thousands of algae strains.  Strain selection can be tailored to
different carbon chain production, so jet fuel, or regular diesel, or other
needs can be met, such as plastic production.

This company, Vertigro, approaches algae farming with dynamic, vertical
systems that maximize land space and sunlight.  These are "closed loop,
photo-bioreactors", i.e., hydroponic systems with no evaporation or
competing microbial contamination.

1/10th the state of New Mexico, if converted to algae production, could meet
the entire energy needs of the U.S.

Production comparison for open-pond systems:
Algae, 20,000 gallons per acre production.
Corn, 18 gal/year/acre.
Palm, 800 gal/year/acre.

Closed vertical systems (not ponds) would give greater yields.


And as I wrote previously, fuel exhaust byproducts are much safer than
petrochemicals, and algae-oil is completely sustenable.

-Jim West