Thank you Robert.  I just now noticed that in the posted article.  It makes one wonder if the journalist has any idea of what she is talking about.  Once could be a typo...  It should literally jump off the page for anyone with minimal chemistry knowledge.

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 21:44:13 +1200From: [log in to unmask]: Re: New Life for a Discredited Treatment? (Vitamin C)To: [log in to unmask]
New Life for a Discredited Treatment?
By Rachel ZelkowitzScienceNOW Daily News
5 August 2008


In humans, the concentration of ascorbic acid in the extracellular fluid normally doesn't climb higher than 0.2 millimoles.  But in other studies, researchers have injected humans with the same solution they gave the mice and increased vitamin C in the blood to more than 10 millimoles.

        I happen to be a fan of Pauling's 1968 idea, so this sloppy journalism annoys me.  What is presumably meant is concentrations of 0.2 / 10 millimole per L (abbrev. millimolar, mM). 

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