Pending the video evidence, I say you skied.  As for a ski day though,
did you make a second lap?

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"Denver today had a record low high temperature for the month of

Well, that sort of explains the following:

After yet another travel adventure concluding with a constant stream
of overnight thunderstorms, I met up with Mapadu and Winter at a
rather early hour.  After a brief discussion, Matt said "let's at
least drive up and see what's there."  How could I resist.

Partway up the "road", Matt noted "we have to cross a stream that's
pretty deep".  Ummm, maybe I should have opted for the rental car
insurances?  Fortunately, the stream was only about a foot deep, and
there were no mishaps.

Getting higher up, the season definitely changed to winter:

Got to the parking spot with only a bit of sliding, and
then....KABOOM.  Another thunderstorm.  Aw, kcuf.  We have to hike a
mile in an above treeline meadow to get to the base of where we want
to ski.  Back to the car....maybe it will clear.

After an hour or so of in & out of the car, timing the flash-to-boom
intervals, and throwing snowballs for Winter, it was clear that our
destination, sort of visible here:

was not going to happen due to some time constraints.

But there was a nice looking meadow below us, with a good 4-6" of
fresh snow:

Alas, Matt didn't want to risk his good skis (and he hadn't considered
that skiing in August might just require rock skis...go figure), so I
clicked in and did the best I could to make really delicate turns for
about 100 vertical feet.  Hopefully Matt will post the vid of me
skinning back up as it thunders.

I will leave it to the Experts to determine if this counts as the
beginning of the 08/09 season, and whether it counts as a Ski Day.

Paul T.

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