Sounds great, Mike.

  So for all of you CSSA officers out there (and I know you're all on
  this list), let's all plan on meeting next Wednesday (9/10) at
  7:00pm in Votey 367.  That gives you over a week to get your acts
  together.  The issues on the table are:

  1) A tentative calendar of events for Fall 2008
  2) A budget outline for the year
  3) Logistics for the CSSA BBQ

  As always...

  Keep on hackin' in the free world,
    Gary Johnson
    CSSA President
    Graduate Student and Research Assistant
    UVM CS and GIEE Ecoinformatics Collaboratory

Michael Evan Karpeles writes:
 > Hey Gary,
 > Hope your summer was hacktastic. Seems like there's a lot to be done  
 > in the next upcoming weeks. I was thinking it might be a good idea if  
 > some of us tried to meet next Wednesday-ish (sort of an officer  
 > meeting) to discuss this years meeting times, how we're handling ACM,  
 > what we want to do for the CSSA budget, etc. I spoke to Jeanne Douglas  
 > and I'm set to give a quick talk to her CS 21 and CS 110 (what used to  
 > be CS 26) kiddies about our CSSA goodness. Maybe we'll startup the  
 > week after that and have a whole big  #! for the newbies with some  
 > 3.14zza, /root/beer, maybe a moVie, /etc. Your thoughts?
 > Sincerely,
 > - Michael E. Karpeles