Good Day Advisory Committee Members - 

Welcome back to another great fall in the Davis Center.  It is sure different that last year!  The place is hopping, people are meeting, and programs are happening.  And we feel a lot better about the ethos and operations of building after one year.

Some of you are new to this adventure, so I will explain a bit more about the Advisory Committee at our first meeting.  We are waiting on the identification of 3 students at large from SGA, but as that is occurring I am curious about your available times late next week - sort of looking at Thursday afternoon, September 25.  Please let me know if you can make a 1 1/2 meeting sometime around 3.  If Thursday does not work for you at all, please give me an idea of your free time throughout the week.  I have considered the possibility of scheduling a breakfast meeting with food included.  Please let me know if that is better for you.

Until then, enjoy the summer days of mid-September, and let me know of your time availabilities.




Patrick Brown
Director of Student Life and the 
Dudley H. Davis Center
(802) 656-2060

The Department of Student Life's mission is to foster an inclusive culture of student leadership development, community involvement, and programming in order to develop a socially just community of lifelong learners.