Any way for non UVMers to have access?

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FW: Bake Sale Information
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Subject: RE: Bake Sale Information
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 17:08:45 -0400

Hey everyone-

This is for the sharepoint website where any important documents will be posted. Also notes from all meetings will be posted to this site.

If you will be involved in any way with EWB projects, please send me (not the listserv!!) your UVM ID and I'll add the permissions. The site is

Please make sure that you send the information to [log in to unmask] and not to the listserve if you are on it.

Also you can add yourself to the EWB listserv by:

1) sending and email to:

"[log in to unmask]"

2) in the body of the message, write:

"subscribe ewb"

No subject is necessary.

After that, you can access list archives and change your subscription settings at any
time by using the interface at:

Note: Always post messages from whichever mail account you used to subscribe, including
matching your sender name
(If, for example, you subscribed with
[log in to unmask] but you change your e-mail client
[log in to unmask], you'll receive messages, but your posts will be rejected.)

So everyone who wants to, please add yourself to the listserv. We will be posting
discussions, upcomming events, meeting times and other information. It is a very helpful
communication medium, so please sign up.

Either myself or Abby will be sending out an email to announce our next meeting. We will only be using the listserve to do this so please make sure you add yourself. If you don't look for flyers around Votey announcing the time, date and location of our next meeting!

Thanks and again have a great weekend.

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