Hey all, it's Brianna Treasurer from EWB.  I'm attaching to this email the bake sale sign-up sheet.  Please let me know if you can't make the time you are listed for so that I can find someone else.  Also if you are on the list please email me your cell phone number to put onto the list.  Also attached will be a list of people who are baking things.  As of right now I'm going to randomly assign people a day to bring your item but if you can bring something more than one day or can't bring it on the day I assign you please let me know.  If you're not on the list to bring food but can please let me know what you will be bringing and which day.

Baked goods can be dropped off any time after 8 am Tuesday morning in the SGA office on the third floor of the Davis Center.  The box will be behind the desk.  Those who have the first shift of the day will have to go up there to pick up all the goods.  Also those who have the last shift are responsible for bringing the box and any unsold items back to the SGA office.
Thank you.
Have a great weekend!

Also I will be sending out another email shortly with information on how to join the listserve, information on how to join the Sharepoint website and the notes from last night so keep an eye out for that.

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