Brad James at the Department of Education provided this on the question of when to send money to your school district:


Statute (16 V.S.A. 426(a), specifically) was amended a few years ago. It now reads money is due the school district from the town 20 days after the tax due date or 20 days after notification by the commissioner of education, whichever is later. It may be worth putting in out on Muninet.



426. Duties of the town school district treasurer

(a) The town treasurer shall be treasurer of the town school district unless, by vote of the town school district a town school district treasurer is elected. He or she shall keep in a separate bank account all the money appropriated or given for the use of the school district. Within 20 days after the date the school taxes become due and payable or within such other period of time as may be agreed upon in writing by both the board of selectmen and the board of school directors, he or she shall deposit in the school account, payments of the school tax levy received. However, if notification of the amount to be transferred to the school district by the commissioner has not been received within 20 days of the date taxes are due and payable, the transfer shall be effected within 20 days of notification by the commissioner.

Hope this is helpful.


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Hi all,


Barre City just finished up its first quarter tax payments.  Now we’re getting ready to pay the schools.  With the state payments going directly to the schools, we’re not sure how to figure the City’s payment to the school.  Any help would be appreciated!




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