Cornwall has been open 4 days for as long as I can remember.  The former clerk was in the office T - F from 12:30 - 4, my current hours are T - F from 9 - 5.  The listers are actually in the office for the most part on Mondays, so there really isn't any particular down time.  We did have a new furnace installed this year with programmable thermostats, so I'm hoping this will help with fuel costs, along with the 16 new windows that have just been installed.
Take Care,
Susan Johnson
Cornwall Town Clerk - Treasurer
2629 Route 30
Cornwall, VT  05753
802-462-2775 Phone
802-462-2606 Fax
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Hi all,
If you municipality has gone or is thinking of going to a four day workweek would you please respond to this email.  I'd be interested in what hours, days etc.  Thanks in advance.  Linda

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