Forty-seven species were observed during yesterday's Rutland County Audubon's annual "broad-winged hawk" watch, none of which were broad-winged hawks!

An overcast morning at Mt. Philo produced one osprey, one immature bald eagle, two sharp-shinned hawks, one Cooper's hawk and numerous monarch butterflies.

At the Stone Dam on West Street, an American kestrel was observed. What appeared to be the remains of a sharp-shinned hawk was seen on the bridge.

On Slang Road over 200 red-winged blackbirds were seen. A couple of northern harriers were also observed in Panton.

Sixty-seven Bonaparte's gulls were observed at Tri-Town along with one common loon.

At the Brilyea Access at Dead Creek the group had good looks at an American bittern in flight, an osprey perched in a tree and two immature bald eagles overhead. Another highlight of this stop was a common moorhen.

Two immature bald eagles, possibly the ones seen at Brilyea, were also observed from the snow goose viewing station.

Finally, on the way home, six members of the group observed two American black ducks, one great blue heron, 30 killdeer, 31 least sandpipers and seven Wilson's snipe in a wet farm field along Rte 22a in Shoreham.

In all 11 checklists were submitted to eBird for the day.

Sue Elliott