This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for September 15, covering the period
September 8-14, 2008.  


Highlights of the week include a GLOSSY IBIS in Shoreham (about 2 miles
north of Rt. 74E intersection with 22A, where Lemon Fair River tributary
crosses 12A), a GOLDEN EAGLE in Middlebury 9/10, a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER
at Dead Creek on 9/13 and 9/14, a PARASITIC JAEGER at Charlotte Town Beach
on 9/13 and one in Grand Isle on 9/14 and a YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER at Red
Rocks Park in South Burlington on 9/8.


SNOW GEESE have started appearing at Dead Creek, with 15 present on 9/13 and
17 on 9/14.  


Two RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were seen in Prospect Hill north of Rutland on


A total of 1,247 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS were counted at the Mt. Philo Hawk Watch
on 9/10.


The following migrating shorebirds were sighted this week:  2 BLACK-BELLIED
PLOVERS at Charlotte Town Beach on 9/13; 13 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVERS at Dead
Creek on 9/12, 26 on 9/13 and 8 on 9/14; 1 SEMIPALMATED PLOVER at Charlotte
Town Beach on 9/10; many KILLDEER, including 30 in Shoreham on 9/13 and 43
on 9/14; 6 GREATER YELLOWLEGS at Dead Creek on 9/14; 4 LESSER YELLOWLEGS in
Panton on 9/11 and 5 at Dead Creek on 9/14; 3 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS in
Shoreham on 9/14; 1 LEAST SANDPIPER at Charlotte Town Beach on 9/10, and in
Shoreham, 31 on 9/13 and 21 on the 14th; 1 DUNLIN in Shoreham (junction of
22A and Lemon Fair River tributary) on 9/14; 7 WILSON'S SNIPE in Shoreham on
9/14 and 6 BLACK TERNS at Charlotte Town Beach on 9/13.


A PHILADELPHIA VIREO was spotted at Red Rocks Park in South Burlington on
9/8 and in Danby on 9/13.


Waves of warblers have been coming through, with several sightings of
species not commonly seen in Vermont, including TENNESSEE, probable


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