Hi Barbara & All,
I emailed the below request to the northern Florida Bird List which I
belong to and received the below responses. Hope this helps answer
your question.
Happy Birdin"
Laura Smith
Willsboro NY

This below is the email sent and responses
Hello Birding Friends,
I've been enjoying your postings as I prepare for my husband, myself
and our two
small canine friends to be in the Port St. Joe area for the month
of Feb. for hopefully, our first of many winter stays there. Our
winters are 5-6 months long and we can have several weeks where the
temp. doesn't go above zero. I look forward to, hopefully, meeting
some of you while in Fl.
I live on Lake Champlain in the NY Adirondack Mtns. and also am
subscribed to the northern NY and
VT birding lists. This question was posted on the VT. list today and
I thought someone on the NFLBirds list might be able to enlighten the
folks up here. It's been exciting having this family of cranes in Vt.
I didn't get to see them but others have enjoyed observing them. I've
inserted the posting with the question below. Thanks in advance for
any thoughts on the Cranes
Happy Birdin'
Laura Smith
Willsboro NY

I wonder if anyone knows where the sandhill cranes that are at Bristol
Pond are likely to be spending the winter?  I have visited wintering
grounds in New Mexico (Bosque del Apache -- a wonderful sanctuary) but
imagine that these cranes winter somewhere in the east.  Any guesses?

I saw them this afternoon around 3:30 near the Monkton Road south of
the pond access road.  They haven't left yet, but I imagine it won't
be too long....

Barbara Miles,

Hi Laura,

I can tell you that some Sandhill Cranes winter in Central Florida; of
course some cranes live there year-round, too.  But their numbers do
swell during winter.  I've seen groups of a dozen or so west of
Orlando during January, whereas during summer it's more normal to see
the typical pair or pair and a juvenile.

I don't know if they winter in the Panhandle or not, since this will
be my first winter in Tallahassee.  Have to wait and see!

Hope that helps,

You have probably gotten a bunch of responses but just in case..
there are lots of sand hill cranes in central Florida..Gainesville and
on down. Don't really see them here in Tally.
Are you familiar with Operation Migration with the whooping cranes?
They have picked St Marks Refuge  as a new wintering ground this year
and will be starting a flock here on this migration. We are very
excited about that!
Pam Flynn

Hello Folks in the Dacks and VT,

...for the most part these are migratory greater sandhills cranes that
utilize the eastern flyway and winter in Peninsular Florida from
approximately the Okefenokee NWR to the Kissimmee Prairie (north of
Lake Okeechobee). This area is also host to a non-migratory resident
population (The Florida Sandhill Crane). Check out the ICF website for
more info:
also check out this FWC site:

Best,C.K. Borg
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Great to see Crane numbers picking up along the east coast... my lifer
came years ago during fall migration in Unity, Maine of all places...
but to fully appreciate the grandeur of this species you'll need to
witness the Bosque del Apache of New Mexico.

Laura Dikovsky Smith
Arcadia Cottages On Willsboro Bay
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