This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for September 22, covering the period
September 15-21, 2008.  


Highlights of the week include the following sightings:  a GLOSSY IBIS in
Shoreham on 9/16 as well as one at Dead Creek on 9/17; 5 JAEGERS, four of
which were POMARINE, at Charlotte Town Beach on 9/16; a LONG-TAILED JAEGER
at Charlotte Town Beach on 9/17; a BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE in Grand Isle on
9/15 and an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER in Moretown on 9/20.


A RED-NECKED GREBE was seen in Killington on 9/20.


Among the reports of migrating waterfowl were an AMERICAN WIGEON at Lefferts
Pond on 9/19, 12 NORTHERN PINTAILS off Grand Isle on 9/15 and GREEN-WINGED
TEAL (5 off Grand Isle on 9/15, 4 at East Creek WMA in Orwell on 9/20).


Shorebird sightings include:  a SEMIPALMATED PLOVER at Delta Park 9/18 and
9/21; KILLDEER (25 in Shoreham on 9/16, 19 at Dead Creek on 9/17; 1 GREATER
YELLOWLEGS at Delta Park on 9/18; 5 SOLITARY SANDPIPERS at Dead Creek on
9/17; SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER (1 in Shoreham on 9/16, 6 at Dead Creek on
9/17); LEAST SANDPIPER (9 in Shoreham on 9/16, 7 at Dead Creek on 9/17, 2 at
Delta Park on 9/18 and 1 on 9/21; PECTORAL SANDPIPER (1 in Shoreham on 9/16,
3 at Dead Creek on 9/17, 4 at Delta Park on 9/21); 2 SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS
at Dead Creek on 9/17 and WILSON'S SNIPE (3 in Shoreham on 9/16, 5 at Dead
Creek on 9/17).


PHILADELPHIA VIREOS were spotted in South Starksboro (9/18), Ripton (9/19)
and West Rutland (1 at West Rutland Marsh as well as 1 at the power line and
orchard) on 9/20.


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Vermont RBA Compilers,

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