I joined the list a couple of months ago as?a novice birder. I have a lot to learn including bird song/call id and have been reluctant to post.?Sometimes I can't?reference?the bird I've seen which is frustrating, but I'm photographing most of them to try?identifying?later from my field guide or on the net. It was a great couple of hours late this afternoon?at Colchester Pond. I met two other birders for the first time as well.?Really nice?people.

2? Blue Jays (heard)
2? Belted Kingfishers
1? Red-tailed Hawk (over Colchester Village)
1? American Robin
14 Cedar Waxwing
2? Tree Swallow
2? American Crow (heard)
4? Mourning Dove (perched, Colchester Village)
1? Eastern Pewee
1? Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (f)
1? American Goldfinch (f)

Several Sparrows and 20+ Gulls I couldn't get a close enough look at.


Kevin Plant