Thank you.  I'll answer to the whole list because the (non-bird) information
might be of general interest to those viewing bird and other images on the
web.  I'm also sending you separately a side view of the same bird taken 90
seconds earlier.  

There a lot that goes on between digital capture and viewing an image on a
web site. Brightness and color can change.  Many of the variables are not in
the viewer's control, but some are.  For example are you viewing the image
on a calibrated/profiled monitor?  Are you using a web browser that supports
color profiles (many do not)?  And of course what existing lighting does
(the color of light changes considerably with many factors), what the camera
does, and what the photographer does can affect colors and brightness.  

To your points.  This photo was not overexposed.  There are no clipped
pixels and even if I significantly darken the breast with an editing program
there is little streaking on the front of the breast. But there is
definitely some on the side which can be seen in both images. So perhaps
this bird has less streaking than the average Blackpoll.  Also, the colors
on my monitor closely match what I see in Sibley's and Peterson's for a fall
juvenile Blackpoll.  Additionally, a younger but more experienced birder
than I "confirmed" the identification of this bird.

I plan to post a similar (but harder) bird quiz on my web site as soon as I
get help in the identification of some of the photos I am unsure of.   Since
these birds were photographed on the east side of the river I will notify
UVBird and NHBird (but not VTBird) when I get this page up.


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These photos are gorgeous!  One photo that confuses me is the Blackpoll 
Warbler, which I doubt I would have identified from the photo - and I 
have 35 years of experience identifying fall warblers in the field.  Was 
the shot possibly overexposed?  The colors don't seem true (breast 
should be more greenish-yellow) and I can't detect any breast streaking 
which should be quite apparent I would think.


Jim Block wrote:
> On Wednesday I was privileged to see many bird species in a short period
> time in a marsh in Norwich.  I have put a page of images taken that
> at: