Might be the same juvenile Sabine's Gull that myself, Ted Murin, and Hank
Kasner (sp?) saw around 8:00 this morning from Charlotte Town Beach just
northeast of Noblewood. We caught sight of it twice within a half hour but
then lost it when it appeared to settle on the water. Later we could
actually see Matt (presumably) standing with his scope on the beach at
Noblewood. Seemed like there was quite the gathering of gulls on the New
York side.

After the Sabine's action this morning, we saw 1 juvenile dark-morphed
Parasitic Jaeger that hung out for nearly 20 - 30 minutes mid-lake, on two
occasions pursuing ring-billed gulls for a meal.

Other highlights:
80+ Common Tern
14 Black Tern (highest single count when scanning from CTB)
and whatever else other members of this morning's crew would like to add.


On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 10:22 AM, David Hoag <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> West Shore, Grand Isle,   August 6th.
> PARASITIC JAEGER (light adult) working south against the wind at 9:00,
> and interacting with a light young POMARINE JAEGER on the water,
> hovering close over the Pomarine whenever it flew up.
> Both finally settled on the water to feed as a cormorant arrived to join
> them.
> Dave Hoag, Grand Isle
> FWD: NNYBirds -- Sabine's Gull
> > Matt Medler just phoned (10am, Sat) to say that he is
> > looking at a juvenile Sabine's Gull on the spit at Noblewood
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