Print it's not Vermont but the sightings will certainly overlap with the
crew at Charlotte Town Beach this morning, whom we could just barely make
out on the opposite shore...
Much of the mass of white seen on the spit at Noblewood from the Vermont
side turned out to be comprised mostly of Common Tern with a smattering of
(mostly juvenile) Bonaparte's Gulls and Black Terns. From shore we observed
larger groups of Bonies, Common and Black Terns. At one point, quite distant
(in the direction of the Inn at Shelburne Farms) I observed a brownish blur
in hot pursuit of a white blur and figured it for a light-morph juvenile
jaeger, potentially the one the CTB crew saw shortly before from their
vantage point.
Also of interest:
2 Sanderlings and a lone Killdeer (keeping us company on the beach)
1 Goldeneye