Yes I left her a message. I plainly saw the long tails. Thanks K
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  Please contact Kim Royar at Vermont F and  W if you have not already done so.  The biologists have an interest in collecting hairs and/or scats for DNA analysis. 
  I have four sightings/records of lynx and/or mountain lions.  A sighting in October of a mountain lion followed by finding tracks during deer season that same year 1/4 mile away.  
  I think it is important to record these sightings to proper authorities to document their existence. 
  Bill Barnard


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  Subject: [VTBIRD] Glastenbury Mountain Lions

  Not a bird but, today in Glastenbury between 730 and 800 a.m. I saw 2 young Mountain Lions. They were not small cubs but were not  fully grown They were about to my knee in height. I was within 50 feet when they chased each other across the trail. A while later 1 went back over the trail the other way. I had a really good look, am familiar with Fishers and other wildlife and whether I'm believed or not, know what I saw and now believe fully there are Mountain Lions in Vt. Kevin