Hi Maeve and others -

I'd be very surprised if you were seeing the same birds on consecutive days at this time of year. I think it's almost certain that you're seeing one-day-wonder migrants. I've been banding hummingbirds here in W. MA for 4 years now and although I frequently recaptured birds I've previously banded right on through July, I've never had a return once migration starts in earnest. Another piece of information that gives me this impression is my subjective observation that I see behavioral differences in late August and through September. One one day I may have one or two birds around that visit all kinds of blossoms but don't go anywhere near any of the feeders. On the next day, the bird or birds are readily visiting feeders and flowers. So my impression is that I'm seeing different birds each day. This is supported by people who have been banding hummingbirds for much longer, and in much larger numbers, than I have.

Anthony Hill
S. Hadley, MA

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