Yesterday I really wanted to be up on Mt. Philo, but had too many things to do so I just had to console myself with just stepping out of the house into the yard from time to time to scan the sky. 

At 1:20 PM I was rewarded hugely when I spotted a large bird headed towards me from the North. It held it wings in a dihedral so my immediate thought was TV, but as it got closer and turned, I could see that was not what it was. What I was looking at appeared to be a juvenile Golden Eagle. 

It had a uniformly dark body from head to under-tail coverts. 

The tail was dark with a white band at the base.
The wings were too long in proportion to the body for a Buteo. The under-wing coverts were uniformly dark. It had large white patches on it's inner primaries and secondaries. The white on the secondaries extended further towards the body than shown in the Sibey, but I found pictures on the internet with birds showing a similar pattern. 

That's a spectacular life bird for me!

A few minutes after seeing the Eagle, I also saw a high flying Female Harrier, and then about an hour later I was able to get out again and spotted a kettle of 21 Broad-Wings, and 1 unidentified smaller raptor going over.

Ron Payne
Middlebury, VT