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I've been back to Smuggs more often in the past ~5 years.  Notably the first
winter after my son was born, and given my wife is not a skier, I bought a
bash badge to make 1/2 day tickets affordable.  That has done a lot to erase
what may have been a prejudice against Smuggs, or maybe the snowmaking is
better combined with newer terrain.

I can't imagine that the snowmaking is much better.  BenB and I have talked about this.  It seems like the Smuggs crew has no idea how to make a good manmade surface.  I think Sugarbush currently has the best snowmaking crew in NVT.  The past few years, early season manmade turns there have been excellent.  Smuggs manmade, on the other hand, always seems to be survival skiing.

  I'd hazard a
guess this has been debated on this list before, but I'd be interested in
hearing opinions (uh-oh, did I just hear the flood gates open?)

Nah.  We only debate politics and baseball around here.

Based on my experience, it was a great way to
get a pre-schooler started.

Good to hear.

Thanks for all the detail.
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