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Kids started on x-country skis when they could walk.

So my kid is 18 months old.  How do I find xc gear to fit her?  And what tips do you have for getting them started onxc?

We signed each of em up for the all day program once when they were 3-4, but
only once. (Misc lessons at Bolton, Stowe over the years).
After that dad was their teacher/buddy until they wanted to head out on
their own.

That seems to be the norm for this list.

11-12 seems to be the age they no longer want to be with you all day.

Unless you're Scott D.

Although I would have loved to be out in the woods on those great powder
days there is only limited time to share this with your kids.

Scott, JJ , JimB, and DaveG would tell you you can do both at the same time


Sum:  Ski with your kids till they don't want to ski/board with you.

I  plan on it.
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