When we had a tax sale, the lawyer refused cash because it was over $10,000.  She accepted the bid and gave the bidder time to go to the bank and get a check.


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I don't believe you can refuse cash payments either.  In years past, I have received as much as $14,000 in cash from a taxpayer.  The down side is that the bank may require you to complete one of the >$10,000 cash deposit forms for their records. 

I recall a story for our town that a taxpayer came and paid part of the taxes in coin.  That wasn't very cool because it wasn't rolled !  I would think you could reject un-rolled coin. 

The only item we reject is foreign currency.  We require the payment to be made in US Currency.

Cheryl A Lindberg, Treasurer
Town of Norwich

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Hi everyone,
What are treasurer's/tax collector's policies on accepting cash for payment of taxes?  Do any towns have any restrictions/policies on accepting cash for these large sums of money?  Thanks!!

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