As we have done in the past, the first bid placed at a tax sale is the
delinquent tax collector's bid for the amount of delinquent taxes, sewer
assessments, water assessments, etc. along with any additional fees
(including attorney fees).  The bidding is then opened up to the public
in attendance.  If the town feels no one is going to bid on the
property, and they do not want to take the property over as the high
bidder, they should not have a tax sale - just put a lien on the

I know this (the lien) does not get your money.  We have also threatened
tax sale and notified mortgage holders who had liens on the property and
that works good too.  Usually the banks pay up and add the loan to the
current mortgage.  At the least, they contact owners and encourage them
to get in here quickly.

Hope it helps.


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Hello- We just had a tax sale this morning and had a mobile home that no
bid on, not surprisingly.  I was wondering if anyone had any experience
taking people to small claims court for collection of delinquent taxes
such an instance?  What is the process and whom would I initially
contact to
start that process?  Do we need to hire a lawyer??  Thanks in advance
any info!


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