A peregrine is being tracked along the East Coast. As of 5 am today, the
bird was transmitting from a location near Moosewood lake in Maine. If
anyone sees this bird , it is requested that you get in touch with folks in
description underneath in this message.

A female Peregrine Falcon named "Elizabetha" tagged with a satellite
transmitter is now heading south from northeastern Canada, and is
expected to pass Hawk Mountain Sanctuary within the week, perhaps as
early as Saturday or Sunday, October 18 and 19.

The falcon was banded on its wintering grounds in Chile, South America,
on January 22, 2008, by the Falcon Research Group. Researchers there
fitted the bird with a Hawk Mountain telemetry unit.

The 'back-pack' satellite units have a short antenna and are easy to
see. Hawk Mountain is now asking all birders to watch for the falcon in
the next few days.

Peregrine Falcons are fast-flying, and strong flapping raptors, with
long, pointed wings, and a black face or "moustache."  This particular
peregrine will stand apart due its antenna that extends at a 45-degree
angle from her back.

Those who see the bird should email Bud Anderson at the Falcon Research
Group, [log in to unmask], and Keith Bildstein at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary,
[log in to unmask], and be sure to include the day, time and