Team Pipit decided today (after the fact) to try for Florida birds in 
Vermont - thereby saving all kinds of travel costs and hassle. The 
results were gratifying:

    (4) Sandhill Crane - the birds (2 ad, 2 imm) were in their favorite 
cornfield east of the Bristol-Monkton Road in Bristol around 9:30 a.m.

    (1) Red-bellied Woodpecker - Brilyea Access, DCWMA ( entrance road 
just before first parking area)

    (2) Black Vulture - Bristol (circling overhead at 3:20 p.m.). We 
spotted these birds just after turning off Route 17 towards the high 
school.  After five minutes or so they appeared to drop down to the 
southeast and out of sight. We had the sense they might have been 
heading off to roost.  At about this same time a couple of Turkey 
Vultures dropped off in the same direction.

    Not many other birds of significance other than numerous Northern 
Harriers throughout the Addison/Bridport area. Also, 11 Green-winged 
Teal at Brilyea (10 drakes) and about 25 Snow Buntings along Townline Road.

    Special for us was a flock of 75 American Pipits along Norton Town 
Road, many seen feeding close to the road.