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> Nice, John! Sweet pictures on skimrv, too! This snow did look more
> impressive than what was clinging to Mansfield...and I was honestly
> skeptical that it would even snow at 4,000ft in the northern mountains.
> I've been learning that I need to give Mt. Ellen and Lincoln Peak more love
> in my forecasts (by more love, I mean increase snowfall) as I am constantly
> under-estimating that portion of the ridgeline.

I never got to see what the new snow looked like on Friday morning, but based on the various pictures from the Mad River Valley area it seemed like they might have done better than Mansfield or Camelís Hump in terms of snowfall.  On Friday afternoon I finally got a chance to see the summits of Mansfield and Camel's Hump from Burlington as the clouds started to break up, and at around 3:00 P.M. I could still see white on perhaps the top 500 vertical feet of those peaks.  I couldn't get a sense of the snow level on Mt. Ellen from the UVM campus, but the top of Rim Run clearly stood out as bright white.  We were also up on Mansfield on Sunday hiking with the boys, and heading from the Nose area to the Chin, the only place that still had snow was on the Chin from about 4,200 feet on up.  There were clumps of snow on the krummholz starting very abruptly at that elevation on the Long Trail as we headed north.  The amount of snow increased as we hiked the last couple hundred vertical feet to the top of the chin, where there were patches of snow throughout the area.  Some patches of snow were even large enough for a few turns if someone had been in need.


A few pictures are at:







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