Mike B wrote:
>Yeah, the big dumps are a lot of fun from a wather watching perspective, but
>give me 10" per week and consistent below freezing weather and it will
>produce a good season...

Same is true here in the unfashionable Wasatch. The three+ foot 
storms that hit all in one shot usually succeed in closing the 
majority of terrain if not canyon access entirely. Ask Scott D3K 
about the night/day that dumped over 40" at Alta a few years ago - 
the day that he spent inside under interlodge restriction, looking 
out the windows. Ten or twelve inches each night are far more 
tractable. Even with that, the terrain where 3 or 4 feet of new is a 
joy will remain closed until after the storm and control work, and 
the B/C will be unsafe for at least a day afterwards as well.


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