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>mb scribbled thusly:
>>their website.  I'd give more credence to a forecast from Jim Roemer than 
>>these quacks, and that's not saying much.
>that, plus the fact that i don't care how cold it is, as long as it's cold 
enough -
>- i care about which type of precip. and how much.  i'm guessing that harsh 
>[read: cold] winter does not correlate with good [read: snowy].  but, being a 
>married man, i am very familiar (and even quite comfortable) with being 

As an avid BC skier in VT, you SHOULD care about how cold it is.  I think 
consistently cold winters wil generally correlate to a deeper snowpack than a 
consistently stormy one that could be warm or cold.  Every resort on the 
Green Mtn spine from K-Mart to Jay gets more snow than Keystone, yet I'll bet 
the average snowpack in the trees at Keystone is much deeper than here.   
What made 2006-2007 so special around here wasn't the copius snowfalls, 
which were great, but rather the fact that it didn't go above freezing for two 
months starting MLK weekend.  As long as it's consistently cold with no major 
thaws, even minor snowfalls will result in fantastic off-trail skiing.

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