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>That Bloomberg article is something:
>a couple of priceless quotes:

I found this to be an interesting quote...

"Greenberg, 83, who controlled the largest stake of AIG before the
government bailout and who has a home in Stowe, has said he may buy assets
from the insurer, without citing specifics. He didn't return messages asking
if he might buy the resort."

I highly doubt he would buy the resort, but I do also know that there are
several AIG higher-ups that are very sensitive to Stowe (maybe just because
they are homeowners?)...and the CV Starr/AIG/Stowe connection has been said
to mean something to a couple of these folks.  Now, obviously finances mean
more to these guys but I like to think there is a reason why SMR was not
unloaded immediately after the buyout.  Maybe there are no buyers, or no
buyers with cash, but I've always gotten the impression that there are some
key people who like and want Stowe to stay in the current "family."

It will be interesting to see what happens with AIG...I'm also intrigued
about Intrawest's problems.  I had figured they would be the most likely
buyer of Stowe if AIG were to sell...Intrawest is always there to pick up
key properties with decent infrastructure and market value.


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