With 1.7 inches of additional snow at the house this morning that appeared to be upslope in nature, it seemed obvious that the mountains we be getting in on another good shot so I headed up to Stowe for a few turns.  I skinned up Perry Merrill, and in terms of snow depth there is a lot more now that what I was hearing about in reports from yesterday.  It’s certainly skin right from your car now if you want to.  I’d say there had to be at least 6 inches of snow at the parking lot level (~1,600’), but probably more because as soon as I hit the bottom of Perry Merrill a few minutes after leaving the lot, I was getting snow depth measurements between 9 and 11 inches as I skinned up climbers left.  That depth stayed pretty consistent until about 2,600’ when it started to increase.  At that point I was getting pretty consistent measurements of 12 inches or so, however, the wind started at around that elevation so there were a few scoured areas, but lots of spots with depths in the mid teens of inches.  I stopped at the gondola waterfall level because I looked up and saw that Perry Merrill above me was getting scoured.  I pulled off into some trees to get out of the wind and prepare for my descent, and I sunk up to my waist in snow.  I stuck my pole in and measured 33 inches of depth there (drifted of course).  The first 600’ of the descent (3,200’-2,600’) was where the wind was, and the powder was wind affected so it was decent but not fabulous on my rock skis which are pretty long and skinny.  Below that though, the powder hadn’t seen any wind and it was fantastic.  I could have been on a pair of 2 x 4s at that point and it wouldn’t have mattered.  The snow seemed to get a bit shallower in the last few hundred vertical, but it was still quite good.  I touched down 2 or 3 times, but one could easily go without rock skis and it wouldn’t be much of a problem.  I’m sure other parts of the mountain featured different conditions, but that’s the lowdown on Perry Merrill.  Tomorrow should be fantastic, since it stayed rather cool and cloudy/snowy all day in the mountains and there might be some sun tomorrow.


A few pictures from the morning are inserted below.




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