I think if someone posts their album on the web in a public forum they are 
giving all others rights to use their photos. If you use Picasa you actually have 
to accept the terms that once you post them, google has rights to use your 
photos. A professional photographer would not post their photos on Picasa 
and if they were professional, they would probably have their own trademark 
(watermark) or something on the photos itself to identify it as such. I believe 
Ben Bloom does this.


On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 08:39:10 -0500, Eric Morton <[log in to unmask]> 

>Excuse me while I jump to Tag's defense. He may not have said it very well -
>yes he was pretty much an ssa about it; but if you missed the point; Mr
>Editor has used the list to tirade against people that lift his material, so
>it is quite ironic to see this email:
>>Hope you don't mind that I pasted a few of your photos (with attribution, 
of course) in our user forums to dispel a call of "BS" by one poster regarding 
Windham's report:
>Now, one could argue that it is different since he did say "with attribution
>of course", but it does not absolve him from taking a post that is on a
>Picasa web album and move it onto his own site, "earning" ad revenues. Could
>I, for example, take a professional photographer's pictures and post them on
>a site to dispel a call of "BS" by someone that said my kids weren't cute?
>And then simply put a post on a public forum saying "I hope you don't mind
>that I did this" trusting that the professional photographer would read it
>and somehow grant usage by his abstain?
>And unless I'm missing something; he is still using the bandwidth of Picasa
>to serve the images; which is something that he specifically complained
>about when someone copied his words and used his embedded images.
>Mr Editor should reconsider his practices. Permission should be granted
>before use, not requested after.
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