I sent a message out earlier this week about times, but here is the of the
official low down for tomorrow.

The official roster is this:
Sam Beatt
Dan R.
Ted A.
JOhnny B.
Zach R
Eliza and I

Tomorrow morning everyone should be at the Gutterson parking lot (outside
the hockey rink) at 9:45, so we can leave at 10 AM.
We are taking 2 cars, I guess because that is the only reply I got (Dan) for
10 people and all of the gas is covered.

Our match is at 2 pm and we will then drive back.

I have a GPS system and will be using that, Dan, you may print out direction
or follow me.

Everyone be there on time, so we can make tomorrow go as smoothly as
possible and have a great time.

Thank you all in advance for coming and it will be good practice for next
weekend, where we will be able to beat everyone

Will send out information for that weekend on Monday.
See you outside Gutterson at 9:45 tomorrow morning

On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 3:15 PM, Daniel Rudershausen <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> What's going on with cars and such for tomorrow? What time are we leaving?
> What time is the match? Pearson, take command, take charge. Also can I drop
> to #4 on the ladder? My buddy Dixon is playing #4 and I want to beat up on
> him.
> Dan