Since we have the BIG meet next week, we're going to work on shot  selection 
on Wednesday. 
It's not always about hitting the ball super hard (although that helps  
It's all about quick decision making. 

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I just  want to congratulate everyone for a wonderful job today. Everyone 
gained some  great experience, playing on awesome courts with great players. I 
hope  everyone is happy with their performance because, as always, I am so  

Next Weekend:
The roster for next weekend is as follows. If  you can't make it, let me know 
as soon as possible, so I can contact others  immediately:
1. Mike Silber
2.Renier Vanbreenm
3. Johnny Berger
4.  Dan Ruderhausen
5. Ted Abraham
6. Eliza Shaw
7.Page Smith
8. Ian  Collins
9. Brian Cotter
10. Matt Hall

We will all need to go to  Boston on Friday. I will be leaving in the 
morning, so there needs to be  enough cars going, so everyone can get a ride. On 
Friday night , there will be  a birthday party as my house starting between 6-7 pm 
for Dan Rudershausen.  Everyone is welcome to stay at my house for the early 
matched on Saturday, but  is also welcomed to stay elsewhere. On Saturday, we 
will have 4 matches with  Bard, Bryant, BC and MIT, which will all be close 

Then  everyone can leave on Saturday, to be back here for a Saturday night or 
they  can stay for the night. I will be leaving on Sunday, so anyone who 
wants to  stay the weekend may.
Depending on what everyone wants to do, we need to  figure out rides
So, first off let me know if you can come and then your  plans on bringing a 
car or not

Great JOb everyone today
Love you  all,

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