ted ride with us we're leaving at 2 or whenever mike gets outta class.  
call me friday morning lemme know where to get you

On Nov 12, 2008, at 7:26 PM, Pearson Smith wrote:

> So...here are the cars.
> I am will stay later due to lack of car space (Thank you Pearson)
> Dan's Car:
> Eliza
> Matt
> Renier
> Ian's Car
> Avery ( might not get to play since we have nine players, but are  
> welcome to come support and join the party)
> Mike
> Johnny
> Ted and possibly Zach (may not be coming) are left and I would like  
> to leave at 12:05 after the 11:15 class if possible. Ted, does that  
> mean you miss one class?
> Do you think you could do that?
>  I hope this works.
> Let me know,
> Pearson