I just wanted to let all of you who played this weekend, how proud I am. With 2 wins, one being a varsity team, we really upped the caliber of the UVM Squash Team. Even with a few mishaps and losing players, we were still able to put up a fight. I know everyone must be so sore right now, but I hope you know how amazing you all were on Saturday. Exhausted at the end, everyone stuck through and played out their final match. Lots of squash for one day, but of course Vermont can pull through. I hope everyone had a great time and I loved having you all at my house and then watching you play some of the best squash I have seen some fo you play.
Great Job

One more thing, those of you who will probably go to Princeton, I need to know who will be needing a hotel room, so I can book them. It will be 2 boys per bed, but i need to boook now so the hotels dont fill up. If you have an alternate place to stay, great, but let me know!