Most of you have already done this, but those of you who haven't need to do so. You need to register, so i can add your name to the team roster. Those of you who need to registers are johnny berger, william ryales, burton, avery and thats it... Thanks guys. Tucker if you want to continue playing, you may register as well and send me all of your contact information to [log in to unmask]

Dear All Coaches,


There still seems to be much confusion out there about how to set up and use the new US squash online system that the CSA will be using this year.


The following is a reminder of what you and your team needs to do:



2)     If you would like a second person at your school to  be able to enter scores, that person MUST ESTABLISH AN ACCOUNT on as follows:  a) click "login"; b)  click on the third choice at the left "Create an account" c) fill in at least name, email, city, and date of birth to create an account.  DO NOT PAY!  US squash is giving all CSA individuals free membership in US Squash for the year. d) you will receive an email e) validate your account

3)      For a player to be on your roster, then that player must HAVE AN ACCOUNT on   To establish an account, the player must do exactly the same things listed   a) through e) under item two above. The player will be asked to enter a "self evaluated" skill level.  Please advise your players the correct accurate skill level to put in as a starting point.



Please call me at 978-771-5888 with any questions.




Ron Beck

CSA Executive Director