Hey Pearse,

Sorry i haven't been around, i will definitely be there on wednesday  
though this week. However, i dont think i'll be able to make it on  
Nov. 15th because i am thinking i may be going to new york for an  
interview. I'll keep you updated though. Thanks though and i'll see  
you Wednesday if not sooner.


Quoting Nancy Pearson Smith <[log in to unmask]>:

> The roster for this weekend is as follows: (Those who I am not sure
> about, please e-mail me back, so I can make the definite roster)
> We will be leaving around 10 AM to be there by 1230/ 1 and our match
> will begin at 2 PM. We should be done around 4 and potentially be home
> by 7 or 8. (it is really only a 2 and half hour drive)
> Roster:
> Boys:
> Sam Beatt
> Dan R.
> Ted A.
> JOhnny B.
> Burton
> William
> Renier
> Brian
> Matt
> Zach (Dont know if any of you want to compete or want to on
> Sunday...need to know if you are still playing and whether I should add
> you on the roster for next weekend...NOv 15)
> Girls:
> Eliza
> Page
> *Pearson
> PLease e-mail me if you have any dilemas
> Thanks,
> p