Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say how proud I am of all that you are doing.   
Seeing so much initiative and hard work and commitment is a tribute to  
the group and the mission.  I'm sorry I've been unable to attend most  
of the meetings at the moment, but look forward to seeing you all  
around the cider table and on Dec 6.



P.S.  If anyone sees Sam Quinn, could you let him know his mailbox is  
full?  Ironically, this will of course spawn yet another error  

Quoting Abigail Catherine Franklin <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hi Everyone,
> First I want to remind everyone about brick making tomorrow at 6pm in
> the Materials Testing Lab in Votey. Please try your best to be in
> attendance--we want to get the bricks finished ASAP.
> Secondly, Monday is the first day of our Coffee and Cider fundraiser. I
> emailed around yesterday asking for responses of people who might be
> able to sit and work the table for a little while. I am disappointed
> that I only received a total of three emails in return, especially
> considering I know there are many people on the listserv. So again I'm
> asking people to step up and help out OUR club. We still really need
> people to sit at the table between 10 and 11 both days. So, once you
> finish reading this email please reply to me--fill my inbox! Remember
> that in January our membership guidelines and due goes into effect.
> Helping out during fundraisers will be one of the things ACTIVE members
> will be expected to do. Why not start that commitment now?
> Also looking ahead a few more weeks...Our Banquet will be held December
> 6, in case anyone has forgotten. We have received only a few RSVP's
> back so Tammy, Brianna, and I are hopeful that many may still be on
> their way. Don't forget that you can still get hold of invitations if
> you have not already--and donations are always welcome. Also, be sure
> to let your family and friends know about the raffle. Tammy has raffle
> tickets if you haven't received any or need more.
> I think that's it for now. I know its a busy time for all of us, but
> don't forget your commitment to EWB. Have a great night and I hope to
> see you all tomorrow for brick making!
> Thanks!
> Abby