I am going to meet with Marian Lawlor who is the IBM Corporate Citizenship
and Corporate Affairs - Vermont.

Please mail to me the power point that summerizes the current mission.

I want to raise IBM's awareness of the local chapter. Thanks.

Sebastian Ventrone

Senior Technical Staff Member
CMOS Foundry Logic/Foundry IP Chair
 IBM Microelectronics
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Hello Everyone!

I hope you all have had a good past few weeks. I know exams have hit
hard, but I'm sure you're all doing fine. As for our brick making, the
bricks are turning out great and I encourage you all to join us Monday
for another brick making session!

Wednesday 10/15/08 will be our next meeting where we will be fortunate
enough to have a guest speaker. Professor Rossana Rivas, an economist
in Peru, will be visiting the University of Vermont on a grant to
discuss engineering work directed towards the health sector with
faculty and students. Professor Rivas works directly with the Minister
of Health in Peru and has devoted much of her work to making engineers
leaders in Peru. She is greatly looking forward to meeting with us!
The meeting will begin at 7 (in Votey 207), and all are welcome so
bring your friends!

Following our guest speaker, Professor Rivas, we will be discussing a
new membership program, and the responsibilities of being an active
member. This will be a very important meeting so please plan to attend.

Have a great rest of the week. Hopefully the weather will stay
beautiful like it was today!